"In 2005, Ciara Dowling undertook a one year contract in the new position of Sailing Manager for the National Yacht Club in my time as Commodore to the National Yacht Club.

Ciara was faced with the challenge of developing the National Yacht Club's Boathouse Platform, Equipment and Staff into an efficient and streamlined operation, with systems and procedures which would ensure a high standard be maintained for the future.

She met with her brief in full resulting in a very effective and well run Platform and Boathouse team. In addition, she oversaw the complete overhaul of Club Cranes, Launches and Rescue Ribs and set up ongoing maintenance programmes and contracts. She also contributed enormously to the successful running of several major sailing Regattas and Championships during her term.

The success of Ciara in the role, led to the Club subsequently making the position of Sailing Manager a full time permanent position"

Con Murphy
National Yacht Club